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Bicycle Day 2023 

Tracing Back the Footsteps of Albert Hofmann

17. April 2023


Australia Approves MDMA and Psilocybin for Mental Health Treatment

A Milestone for Psychedelic Research and Therapy

07. April 2023

Australia approves Psi

WILEY recognizes Dr. Matthias Grill for "one of the most downloaded publications" 

31.March 2023

Zeitungsartikel Bild.JPG

MiHKAL in the newspaper

20. May 2022

Drogenstadt Basel 

Drogenstadt Base
MDMA Patent

PCT Patent Application published


17. March 2022

Inventor: Dr. Matthias Grill

WO2022053696 - Novel Safrylamine derivates having prodrug properties


Video Interview with Dr. Matthias Grill

09. March 2022

In a video Interview, Dr. Matthias Grill is talking about MiHKAL and the collaboration with COMPASS  

Video Interview
annual report

MiHKAL highlighted in annual report of COMPASS Pathways

24. February 2022

COMPASS pathways announces financial results for the year 2021 and is highlighting the pipeline development with MiHKAL GmbH

Psilocin Patent

PCT Patent Application published

24. February 2022

Inventor: Dr. Matthias Grill

W02022038299 - Novel Psilocin derivates having prodrug properties


MiHKAL in the Newspaper "Tagesanzeiger"

02. February 2022

Mit Partydrogen gegen Depression


PCT Patent Application published

13. January 2022

Inventor: Dr. Matthias Grill

W02022008627 - Improved method for the production of lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) and novel derivatives thereof

Patent LSD

Collaboration with Compass Pathways

14. September 2021

COMPASS Pathways has acquired an intellectual property portfolio from MiHKAL, who will be working with COMPASS on an exclusive research project to develop new product candidates.

Collaboration Compass
Mihkal GmbH LM4514 RGB 05072021 richtige Farben.jpg

Foundation of MiHKAL

22. March 2021

MiHKAL is founded

Foundation of MiHKAL
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