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About MiHKAL

The company MiHKAL was founded in 2021. The name MiHKAL derives from the famous book series of Alexander Shulgin and it stands for Molecules I have known and loved

The passion and commitment for organic chemistry defines and connects the employees within the MiHKAL lab. We are proud to be one of a diminishing number of labs where the “paper-concept” of a novel drug candidate is just a beaker away from the finished drug product.
Consequently within the MiHKAL company, we are following the principle, that chemistry still happens inside the flask in order to create robust and proven preparation procedures rather than relying on fancy computer or paperwork only.

The MiHKAL Family

CEO & Founder of MiHKAL

Dr. Matthias Grill


I am an organic chemist with over 15 years of experience in R&D of small molecules and narcotics. As the founder of the MiHKAL company, my passion for synthetic chemistry and pharmacology lives on within our research projects. One focus of my former work has been the development of novel psychoactive compounds. For more details: CV

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