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Lykos Therapeutics Secures $100 Million Funding Boost
Funding highlights the broader recognition of psychedelic therapies

07. January 2024

Lykos Therapeutics, derived from MAPS Public Benefit Corp. has successfully secured $100 million in a Series A funding round, marking a significant step forward for the psychedelic-assisted therapy landscape.

Led by CEO Amy Emerson, Lykos Therapeutics has received funding from entities such as Helena and the Steven & Alexandra Cohen Foundation. This funding highlights the broader recognition of psychedelic therapies for mental health challenges.

MiHKAL currently has two candidates (MKL001 and MKL002) for the treatment of PTSD in the pipeline. Using our prodrug technology, we have demonstrated improved properties for our patented molecules in preclinical testing. This milestone in our research underlines the distinctive qualities of our molecules.

The recent funding success of Lykos Therapeutics and MiHKAL's research are decisive steps on the joint path to new solutions for mental health. Together, these advances mark a promising era in which research institutions are playing a critical role in addressing the evolving challenges of mental health.

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