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Collaboration with COMPASS Pathways

14. September 2021

COMPASS Pathways has acquired an intellectual property portfolio from MiHKAL covering a varierty of psychedelics and emphatogenic substances.

We at MiHKAL believe, that we will turn the story of psychedelics, once Albert Hofmann began in Basel over 70 years ago, to a successful end. We are convinced of the capabilities of the compounds he discovered and consequently we are even more convinced that one of our drug candidates will continue his legacy and finally make it to a next-level-medicine for todays diseases.


In collaboration with the experts from COMPASS, the search for the perfect anti-depression agent just begun. By the discovery of novel analogs and prodrugs of all families of psychedelic drugs a whole spectrum of new opportunities has been revealed. This means that future medicines will be tunable for specific indications and as a result being overall better tolerated by patients.

Even if our research is still in its infancy, first preclinical trials and patents send a clear message. 

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