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MiHKAL Reacquires Patents from COMPASS Pathfinder
A Game-Changer for Psychedelic Research

09. September 2023

MiHKAL, has successfully reacquired back two patents from COMPASS Pathfinder. These patents, namely "Novel Safrylamine derivatives having prodrug properties (WO/2022/053696)" and "Improved method for the production of lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) and novel derivatives thereof (WO/2022/008627)," hold immense promise for the advancement of psychedelic science and therapy. Let's dive into the significance of this development and what it means for the future of the psychedelic landscape.


The Reacquisition

MiHKAL GmbH's journey to regain ownership of these patents is a testament to their unwavering commitment to advancing the field of psychedelics responsibly. These patents were initially developed under the company's research umbrella before being acquired by Compass Pathfinders. The recent decision to repurchase these patents is a strategic move that will allow MiHKAL GmbH to regain control over the intellectual property associated with these groundbreaking compounds.


The Safrylamine Derivatives

The patent "Novel Safrylamine derivatives having prodrug properties (WO/2022/053696)" as stated in the title, revolves around the discovery of novel Sarylamine compounds with prodrug properties. Prodrugs are inactive compounds that, when administered, undergo metabolic transformations within the body to become active drugs. In the context of psychedelics, prodrugs can offer enhanced safety and controlled release, potentially making psychedelic therapy safer and more effective.

These Safrylamine derivatives have shown promise in early studies, and MiHKAL GmbH's reacquisition of the patent positions them at the forefront of research into novel therapeutic options for mental health disorders.


The LSD Production Method & LSD like compounds

The second patent, "Improved method for the production of lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) and novel derivatives thereof (WO/2022/008627)," addresses a critical aspect of psychedelic research – the production of LSD and related compounds. LSD, a powerful hallucinogen, has shown therapeutic potential for conditions such as depression and PTSD. However, its production has historically been complex and limited.

MiHKAL GmbH's reacquisition of this patent means they can continue to refine and optimize the production process in a more eco-friendly and sustainable way, potentially making it more accessible for research and GMP purposes. This could open up new avenues for exploring the therapeutic potential of LSD and its derivatives in a controlled and regulated manner.


The Future of Psychedelic Research

MiHKAL GmbH's reacquisition of these patents is a significant development for the world of psychedelic research and therapy. It not only reaffirms their commitment to advancing the field but also underscores the importance of responsible innovation in this emerging area of medicine. With the potential to advance the understanding and application of Safrylamine derivatives and LSD-related compounds, we can anticipate exciting breakthroughs in mental health treatment and the broader field of neuroscience. As MiHKAL GmbH continues to lead the way, the possibilities for responsible psychedelic research are limitless, offering new hope to those seeking innovative solutions for mental health challenges.

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